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Observations a day after the British vote to leave the European Union,  drafted and
published on June 24, 2016

Usually you have to listen up when Britain takes decisions that are hard to comprehend for the rest of the
European continent. Because the country has proven to be on the right sight of historical progress too many
times in the past (Magna Charta, Golden Revolution, parliamentary system, privatization, football, tennis,
rugby) that you can simply discard it when Britain takes a turn now that leaves most of us behind in a state of
disbelief. Yet, this time it appears to us as if Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is so counter-intuitive to
all historical wisdom that we find ourselves shell-shocked by the outcome of yesterday’s Brexit vote. Noah
denkt™ had made a decision yesterday to not even follow the news coverage of the vote since we were quite
confident that the British public would not want to vote against the recommendation of all its living Prime
Ministers.  That it has done so all the same marks clearly
a moment of historical proportions the implications of
which can probably not be underestimated.

In our humbled opinion,
it is likely not the British economy that we will be the hardest hit by yesterday’s vote. It
clearly is the cohesion inside the European Union that will suffer most by the British exit.  What will happen to
the EU after the Brexit vote is hard to predict. But everything is in the cards now even an eventual
disintegration of the project itself and a return to pre-World War I nationalism.

Obviously, it is easy to get ahead of oneself in the face of such a momentous decision.  Noah denkt™ therefore
will make an effort to restrain itself and not to go doomsday all along.  But shutting up is all we can do in this
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