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Noah denkt™ feels vindicated by Obama’s VP choice
Press Release, drafted and published on Aug. 23, 2008

As readers of this website may know, Senator Obama has not been Noah denkt™’s first choice as candidate for
the office of Presidential of the United States.
(see our Q&A: "The cynics say..." (Feb. 2008)).  It still applauds though
Sen. Obama’s decision to pick Sen. Biden as his running mate in the race to the White House. For Sen. Biden, in
fact, has been Noah denkt™’s first choice all along.
(see our comments: "Sen. Joseph Biden is our man" (Sept. 2007) and
"Biden ist mir lieber als Hillary" (April 30) in German only).

Needless to say that Noah denkt™ views Sen. Obama’s pick as yet more evidence for the tremendous forecasting
ability that this website brings to bear.  
(see in this context also our press release: "Noah denkt™ has been right on the
money" (March 2008)
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