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Noah denkt™ has been right on the money
Press Release, first drafted on March 18, 2008, published the same day
Look, we do not like to gloat too much about our own success. But unfortunately no one else is giving us credit
where credit is due. And so we cannot refrain from saying it as it is.

It is therefore for the sake of the truth and our own well-being that we would like to point out:

that even as far back as December 2006 we correctly predicted that a rough patch would be ahead for the
US economy (see our very first Noah denkt™ commentary “Über die langsame Rückkehr der Vernunft” (in
German only))

that we correctly diagnosed a perfect storm to be brewing in the money markets (see our commentary:
“Das ist die perfekte Welle” (April 2007) (in German only)) That was three month before the current credit
mess actually erupted.  

that we echoed this sentiment of an impending crisis repeatedly throughout 2007, even though at the time
people would still have accused us of psychopatic scaremongering if they had taken note of our analysis.
(see our commentary “Die amerikanische Wirtschaftspolitik lässt ihre Volkswirtschaft besser da stehen, als
sie es in Wirklichkeit ist“ (Feb.07), „Wer die Rezession fürchtet, der wird sich schliesslich eine viel größere
einheimsen müssen“ (March 07) “Ein ungutes Gefühl” (April 07) (all in German only))  

that back in August 2007 we predicted that this current crisis would not come in one big bang, as this used
to be the case in earlier recession but that it would much rather be a slow moving virus that would bring the
system to an eventual halt. (see our commentary “A slow moving virus in the system”)

that in the same month, we unequivocally denounced the idea that financials would be a good buying
opportunity .(see our commentary: “How can anyone suggest that banks and financials pose a good buying
opportunity now?”)

that in Oct 2007, we predicted that the flag bearers of private capitalism would have no qualms to accept
support money from the public sector, if circumstances left them with no other choice. (see our commentary
“Why are sovereign funds all the rage now?”)

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Addition to this press release made on Sept. 9, 2008: Meanwhile Noah denkt™ has further prediction successes to
report. For not only has this project been right in the cases mentioned above but Noah denkt™ has also been on
the money,

  • when it felt that Sen. Biden should play a leading role in the US presidential election
(please see our press release: "Noah denkt™ feels vindicated by Obama's VP choice")