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How an Existentialist/Golden Rule inspired Capitalism differs from “Conscious” and Inclusive
Dialogue with the Alter Ego, first drafted on Jan. 31, published on Feb. 1, 2013

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): There is a lot of talk these days about the concepts of “
and “
Conscious Capitalism”. How does Noah denkt™’s own brand of an existentialist, Golden Rule-inspired
capitalism differ from that?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Well, obviously we all have in common the concern about the reckless profiteering
which a free-market capitalism produces at times. Beyond that, however, Noah denkt™ sees two major
differences between the above mentioned ideas and ours: First, we are not too much concerned with what is
commonly known as stakeholder capitalism, i.e.
the need to be more respectful of the rights of employees. After
all, we prefer to view people as having a brain of their own. Hence there is no need to patronize anyone.  The
second major difference which we would point out here is that our notion of capitalism, contrary to that of the
aforementioned versions, by and large abstains from the idea of proactive selling. In other words, we prefer to
wait until the client or a sales opportunity presents itself to us rather than forcing ourselves onto others. After all,
we are convinced that the superiority of our wisdom will eventually impose itself anyway so that there is need to
go the extra mile in lobbying for that.

AE: What is wrong with trying to get the attention of the public?
Nd: There is nothing wrong with that. The question is just: How far do you go out of your way to achieve that?

AE: Does it seem to Noah denkt™ as if the “Conscious” and “Inclusive Capitalism” campaigners go “out of their
way” when trying to lobby for their ideas?
Nd: Well, they certainly try very hard to emulate the appearance of credibility that those people live by who
otherwise stand for what our friends would probably call an “exclusive” and “disrespectful” capitalism”. Or to put it
differently, the representatives of subject ethical movements seem to us just a tad bit too slick and a tad bit too
surface orientated that we could still presume that the honesty they preach is more than a clever, opportunistic
sales pitch for themselves.

AE: These are tough words you choose here.
Nd: Sorry, we did not want to hurt anyone. We just wanted to be as clear as possible.

AE: But in fact you are making enemies where there is no need to antagonize anyone. After all, you do not know
the people personally that you are accusing of being dishonest here.
Nd: That’s correct. The thing is just that we feel strongly about the need to avoid both hypocrisy and the endless
jockeying for media and client attention.

AE: But you are not any less keen to get into the media, are you?
Nd: Sure. But, contrary to our ethical friends, we do not try to get there by touting are own fantastic biography, or
by bragging about the supreme schools we graduated from. Instead we, as individuals, remain pretty much
invisible behind our Noah denkt™-Project. Don’t you think that this sets us quite a bit apart from the de
Rothschilds of this world?

AE: Well, perhaps you do not brag about your bio because there is nothing to brag about.
Nd: We won't deny that you have a point there. But it still takes an alright courage to live just by your message
alone, doesn't it?

AE: Oh boy! You are just being foolish and megalomaniac here. That's what all this is about.
Nd: We shall see. Only the final outcome of this project will ultimately tell who of us had a better grasp on reality.
So, let’s be patient for the time being.     
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