How likely is it that POTUS 45 ends up in Russian Exile?

A wild (or perhaps not so wild) speculation about the long-term future of an Impeachment-beleaguered President

Obviously, it in the DNA of a project that carries a reference to the biblical Noah in its name (Noah denkt™, i.e. Noah reasons or speculates) to not shy away from going out on a limb with its contemplations. The reasoning, however, which we would like to proffer to you today is so unheard of that we had to muster all our dare-devil courage to throw it into the public arena. Here it is:

As the, closed-door Volcker-Hearing, yesterday, in the US Congress has produced additional text-message evidence that there was in deed a serious concern within the ranks of the US State Department that leading Trump administration officials might be pursuing an unethical “quid-pro-quo” arrangement with the new President of Ukraine in order to dig up dirt on a domestic political rival, it seems not entirely unlikely to us that POTUS 45, i.e. the man who made it so uniquely difficult for others to ask for asylum in his country, may eventually be tempted and, –  in his mind -, forced to ask for political asylum himself.  After all, it is hard to see now how POTUS 45 can still avoid a damaging Impeachment trial in the US Senate.

Of course, we entirely recognize that it is hard for a project like ours which is located outside of the US and hence has little exposure to the Stockholm Syndrome Variation which may have befallen the GOP and which probably explains the Republicans’ inability to emotionally disentangle itself from the fate of its current President to accurately predict the twist and turn of future events in another country.

Nevertheless, it seems quite reasonable to presume that government strategists in Moscow are now just as much speculating about a possible outcome to the Trump quid-pro-quo-quagmire as we ourselves do. In fact, it seems not at all far-fetched to us to believe that government leaders in Russia are now asking themselves whether it wouldn’t be in the Russian Federation’s national interest to provide political asylum to a beleaguered US President who not only shares Mr. Putin’s anti-internationalist, nation-state-driven world view , but who could also continue to ferment public disunion in the US much better from a luxury exile in Moscow than from a prison cell in the State of New York.

 On the other hand, it would probably also be in the interest of Mr. Trump himself to go into political exile in Beauty-Queen-Russia. Not only could he then disseminate his witch-hunt rhetoric from the relative safety of an FSB-secured compound in Arbat or Ostankino District, but, like Napoleon I, he could also start plotting his political comeback in the US (complete with a recovery of his temporarily lost properties in Mar-o-Lago and elsewhere) from Day 1 of his arrival in the foreign land.

In other words, there is some reason to believe that an unexpected overnight plane trip to an undisclosed destination in the Russian Federation might very well be the most convenient outcome out of the current malaise not just for Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump but also for emotionally conflicted House Minority Leader McCarthy and his associates.

The question, at this point, much rather seems to be when exactly will Mr. Kislyak make his visit to Trump Tower and come forward with this delicate offer described above? Tom Clancy-experts would have it that such a proposal could be best made once the cracks in the Trump-Hannity-Fox&Friends-alliance become so apparent that even the most delusional analyst would prefer to look for a quick fix rather than a strategic way out. Noah denkt™, however, doesn’t know anything about this kind of spooky scheming. Nevertheless, dear Reader, would we advise you to stay alert and ask you not to forget that you read about this here first.

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