The Fourth Estate in the US works magnificently

Comment on the US media resistance to the Trump Presidency

Yet again, we have gone silent for quite a while now. And as before, there is a compelling reason for that.  We are entirely consumed by the epic battle which the civil society of the US is waging to liberate itself from the scourge of a dangerously narcissistic and hence incompetent President. This resistance spans from the courts to Republican Senators to regular people on the street. But the most heroic performance of all is probably being offered at this time by a highly capable US media. No matter whether it’s the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC or CNN, to name just a few, they are all doing a fabulous job. (Even Fox News has its occasional moments of editorial independence especially when Charles Krauthammer is on.) So US media coverage of the Trump presidency is truly encouraging and demonstrates now more than ever why a quality fourth estate is so indispensable to a functioning democracy.

One can only hope that the media’s fight to restore reason into the White House will not be thwarted by an unforeseen event such as a terrorist attack that will force the US public to unite behind their President in a show of then much needed patriotism.  Obviously it cannot at all be discarded that such a tragedy will occur. So, it is clearly the right thing to do not to let up and keep up the heat on this mistaken 45th Presidency.

Other than a few negative statements at the outset of Trump’s reign, Noah denkt™ has not participated in this liberation battle that the mainstream US media is so heroically waging. We have done so for two reasons. First, it seems to us that this is an act of internal self-healing which is now taking place in the US democracy. So, foreign voices can only marginally contribute to that. And, secondly, German commentators in particular should be doubly careful to interject themselves into that internal debate.  After all, it cannot be denied that our home country has a pretty sad record of resistance against a local dictator. Don’t forget that it took the German establishment until 1944 – that is a full eleven years after Hitler’s ascend to power to undertake the first serious coup attempt against him. So Germans really don’t have all that much to teach others on questions of resistance and civic heroism.

Obviously, we are cognizant of the fact that there is a substantial difference between the totalitarian assault in the 30s and the populist nationalism of the Trump age.  So nobody is suggesting here that POTUS 45 should be removed violently from his office. Nevertheless, it should still be recognized that quite a bit of professional and personal courage is required to publicly oppose and contradict a delusional and therefore vengeful holder of the highest office. This is probably the main reason why most players in the financial markets disappointingly so chose to close their eyes to the clear and present danger that an inapt president is posing to their own mid-term prosperity.  In view of that cowardliness of the financial players, the heroism of free-minded journalists shines even brighter. So we should all take our cues from professionals like Jake Tepper, Maureen Dowd, Mika Brzezinski, Lawrence O’Donnell and many, many others whose uncompromising honesty is just magnificent.

We therefore only partly agree with David Rothkopf’s highly noteworthy analysis  (see: Foreign Policy Magazine ( according to which the great “soul-sucking attention-eating black hole” that the narcissistic Trump Presidency represents sucks all the air out of a meaningful pursuit of serious foreign policy (for further information on this, see also : ) While there is quite a bit of truth in this viewpoint, we also believe that the current liberation struggle which the US civil society is performing against a misguided Presidency is furthering US interests abroad way more than a well-coordinated US foreign policy could ever do even if it were at its best. Because that heroism does more to highlight the superior values of freedom and reason than any power politics could ever hope to achieve. Because this current struggle demonstrates that bad, self-obsessed rulers can be overcome by resilient democratic resistance. And reason and balance can be restored in the end.

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