Dumping the Trump: Why we step back from our earlier endorsement

A change of heart on the Republican Primary Candidate Donald Trump, (originally published on April 7, 2016)

This wasn’t an easy decision. And it does indeed feel like a defeat. But the latest suggestion of GOP Candidate Donald Trump to hold back money transfers from Mexican workers to their families at home to pay for the ominous wall he intends to build on the US-Mexican border was the straw that broke our camel back. We can, therefore, no longer stand by our earlier endorsement of his candidacy. Perhaps it should have been clear to us right from the start that his campaign was lacking substance and decency. But there was something about it that kept us hanging in. And it wasn´t just the fact that so many others underestimated his campaign that kept us going. No, there were policy issues too that inspired us. And here are some of them:

  • We still believe that all other candidates are underestimating the severity of the structural economic and educational crisis that the US and most other countries find themselves in.
  • We still believe that a successful entrepreneur turned politician may well have a way to sway CEOs’ decisions in a more effective manner than pure political hacks can ever hope to achieve.
  • We still believe that strong leadership ultimately relies more on instinct, chutzpah and a sense of can-do rather than on cerebral minutia. This is especially true for countries with huge and unwieldy bureaucracies.
  • We still believe that it is fair to argue that all laws, including those pertaining to immigration, should be enforced by the government in order to spur and maintain a general commitment to honesty and fair-play in its constituency. We would therefore also encourage the Mexican government to be equally vigorous in the pursuit of visa violations that an ever increasing number of first world immigrants might commit in its territory.
  • We still believe a self-funded primary campaign is a lot more desirable than one funded by SuperPacs.
  • We continue to believe that it is only fair to expect that a government would want to know who it is granting access to the country before doing so.
  • It still seems to us as if, for the sake of US and world interests there has been too much vilifying of Mr. Putin
  • We continue to believe that the US position vis-à-vis regime change in Syria is overly idealistic.
  • And finally, we still believe that it is not a good idea to cave in to any kind of hysteria, be it anti-Trump or anti anything else.

So, given these convictions of ours, and cognizant of the fact that some outrageousness was clearly necessary to equal the media firepower of other candidates´ SuperPacs, we were quite willing for a while to stomach a good part of Mr. Trump’s ignorance and irresponsibility. But enough is enough. And so we find ourselves falling in line now with virtually all the voices that you tend to hear these days on the mainstream media. (And by the way, our Twitter account will demonstrate that we did that even before the voting in Wisconsin had ended). Sadly, the Trump extravagancies have rendered any discussion of the finer points of his candidacy (such as the ones mentioned above) impossible.  And one can only hope that the media will eventually revisit these points once the current climate of agitation has ebbed down.

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