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Will France eventually leave the Euro project?

The outcome of Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament in France have made it clear that all of France rejects a non-Keynesian economic policy in Europe. In other words, no major force in French politics understands that Keynesian strategies no longer work in a highly integrated marketplace. It, therefore, appears to be by and large inevitable that the next chapter of the Euro currency crisis will start now. Continue reading

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Eurasianism and the new Sino-Russian Entente

After the signing of a landmark $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China the specter of full blown Sino-Russian alliance and entente is real. We believe though that that it is the “Euro” in Eurasian that will ultimately put that relationship at risk. Continue reading

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She is not hawkish on inflation

It appears as if Federal Reserve Chairwoman Yellen is more concerned with steering the economy towards full employment rather than keeping inflation down. This is problematic since it is quite doubtful whether we will ever reach the traditional notion of full employment again. Continue reading

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More crony capitalism

The fact that stock exchanges who are expected to work as co-regulators rent server space within their own computers to flash traders in order to provide them with faster access to trading data is outrageous. It blatantly violates the equal access rule. Continue reading

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