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The EURO rescue effort and the Italian election result

We were expecting that sooner or later something would come up that would challenge the solidity of the Euro rescue effort. We didn Continue reading

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But do pro-growth policies actually work?

It is clear that Italian voters in their majority prefer a less rigorous austerity approach in domestic economic policy and opt for Keynesian spending policies instead. But do these pro-growth policies really work? Continue reading

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In favor of a Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement

Despite the philosophical and political differences between the US and the EU, a transatlantic free trade agreement makes sense. After all, it is better to deal with the turbulences that a non-perfect friendship creates than to stomach the upheavals that a bitter rivalry brings about. Continue reading

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Institutional Exhaustion isn’t just a Feature of Democracy

If one chooses to look around this world, one will find that all governmental systems suffer from a certain degree of depression Continue reading

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Should Mariano Rajoy resign?

If it is true that Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy has received continuous payments out of an illicit, secret party fund for the last 11 years then, in deed, it would be the decent thing for him to resign. Continue reading

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How an Existentialist/Golden Rule inspired Capitalism differs from

The main difference between our own brand of an Existentialist/Golden Rule-inspired Capitalism and that of the other ethical free market movements is that we do not believe in the need to pro-actively sell our philosophy. Instead we presume that the wisdom of our approach is so superior, that it, sooner or later will impose itself anyway. Continue reading

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