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Western insistence on preserving Ukraine's territorial integrity is not doing
anyone, not even Ukraine, a favor
Comment in the aftermath of the downing of MH17,  drafted an published on July 23, 2014

Look, we don’t like be known as the great nay sayers. But the monstrosity of the downing of Malaysian
Airlines flight MH17 forces us to voice our opinion again. This project believes that Ukraine’s internal
and external conflict has been mishandled by the West right from the get-go. In particular, it was a
mistake to insist on preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity once the revolution had happened.
Instead, it would have been better to call for a referendum on national unity. Thus, one would have
been able to not only to address the reservations of the Russian speaking minority towards post-
revolution Kiev but also to rally the country around a project of structural national reform. After all, it was
as clear then as it is now that Ukraine cannot continue to administer itself in the same corrupt way it
has done since its independence. Instead,
a new Latvian style reform approach was and is required
that puts the country on a solid path towards growth and Western integration. Obviously, such
draconian reform can only succeed if the country is united behind that approach and doesn't continue
to suffer from opposing cultural allegiances, a lack of national cohesion and an uncertainty about is
geopolitical orientation. If hence, the Russian minority in the East doesn't want to be part of such a
reform process, it would be in interest of Western Ukraine to let it go.  – Now the big question, in all of
this, obviously, is
whether Russia would be willing to accept the approach outlined here. And this
project clearly feels that it is worth trying. After all, it can’t be denied that even Russia can’t have an
interest in continued uncontrolled warfare on its Western border. And certainly the West cannot
tolerate more reckless violence in its own neighborhood. It is, therefore, high time for the adults to
finally take charge of the Ukraine conflict and bring this to a sustainable end.
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