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Our hat goes off to the British parliament
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the UK vote against a Syrian intervention, drafted and published on Aug. 30,

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE). Yesterday, the British parliament voted against the authorisation
of air strikes against Syria which the UK government had proposed in the aftermath of an alleged chemical
weapons use by the Assad regime. Prime Minister Cameron has already made it clear that the UK will respect
the majority vote in its parliament.
Noah denkt™ has equally opposed that pro-intervention motion, right from
the start. Does our project now feel vindicated by the outcome of the parliamentary vote in the UK?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Well, we are glad that sense is slowly creeping back into the way the West
manages its Syria policy.

AE: In our mind, Noah denkt™ should be quite proud of its analysis in this matter. After all, it is true that our
interpretation with regards to the usefulness of a warning shot across the bow won the day over what such
highly acclaimed organisations as the Financial Times or the Economist were advocating for?
Nd: It is correct that a lot of experts (among them former ambassador Sir Peter Torry, UK military defence
attaché Philip Stoner and others..) did not seem to expect such a turn of events in Britain. But obviously, it’s not
over yet. The United States and France are still pushing hard for rapid punitive action in Syria. So the final
verdict on the usefulness of subject intervention is still out.

AE: Does is it still shock you that such ill-defined plans were (and are) seriously being pursued by the supreme
commanders of UN Security Council veto powers?
Nd: Absolutely. We would have thought that sober analysis would have ditched these limited strike plans long

AE: But to be clear here, Noah denkt™ opposes also a major regime change intervention by the West in Syria,
doesn’t it?
Nd: That’s correct, at least up until this point.

AE: And could you please reiterate why you are equally opposed to such a massive intervention in that country?
Nd: Well; in our mind, there are two major wars of historical proportions going on in Syria: - the war between
Sunnis and Shiites, and the war between modern and fundamentalist islam. It is doubtful that these conflicts
can be pacified rapidly by outside forces. But it is clear to us that they cannot be dealt with effectively by a
divided international community. In other words, it would take the military and diplomatic resolve of all UN
Security Council members, including Russia and China to reinstate peace and human dignity in Syria. All
attempts to do that without the full and active support of Russia and China must necessarily fail.

AE: Why is that?
Nd: First of all, because any lasting international solution for Syria would have to gain the constructive
cooperation of countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia. Israel and Jordan. To achieve that all international
diplomacy would have to push into the same direction. Secondly, it would require the moral weight of a united
international community to quell any attempt of sectarianism and sabotage vis-à-vis the aforementioned
international solution. It would be important that no back door is left open to contravene the decisions that have
been reached by the UN community.    

AE: Do you see a scenario where Russia and China would effectively join in with the West to work towards a
common goal in the pacification of Syria?
Nd: We could imagine that an even more outrageous use of WMDs in Syria could achieve just that.

AE: But that is a said and inhuman thing to expect
Nd. Absolutely!
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