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Quality Control 2011
Review of Noah denkt™’s forecasting accuracy in 2011, drafted and published on Jan. 3, 2012

Obviously, we could make a long story out of this review alleging that this has been a difficult year and all that. But
you have heard this so many times before that we should cut right down to the bone and give you the essence of
what our accuracy report 2011 looks like.

Here is where Noah denkt™ got it right last year:

  • We supported the Arab uprising pretty soon after it became international news and backed the winning
    side, be it in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Alas, and
here is where we got it wrong:

  • Nevertheless the immediate question that needs to be resolved in Europe is whether you can have
    austerity and generate growth at the same time. Noah denkt™ has right from the start maintained that such
    a feat can be achieved. With the certain exception of Ireland however that prediction of ours hasn’t be
    proven correct so far. We, hence, accept that our pro-austerity/pro-growth assertion needs to be viewed as
    erroneous, at least for the time being.

Generally speaking, it is probably fair to call 2011 a relatively unsuccessful year for Noah denkt™’s prediction
record. But, if future lack of success should turn out to be just as mixed and balanced as it has been this last year
then we can certainly look into that future with quite a bit of calm and equanimity.
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