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Our Prediction Scorecard 2008/2009 : Noah denkt™ gets it right yet again
A list of our analytical successes in the post-bubble phase, drafted and published on Jan 6, 2009

After having correctly
predicted the current downturn (see also our big points in the bubble build-up phase), we have
been able to achieve further forecast successes once the bubble had come to burst.

Our scorecard 2008/2009 therefore reads as follows:

1) Noah denkt™  was on the mark when
speculating that the US government would (literally) do everything it could
fight this recession.

2) We also were right when predicting that
things would not get better before prominent Wall Street
representatives had been brought to their knees.

3) We the were on the money
when predicting the bottoming process of the stock market.

4) And we were also right
 to argue that of course there would be a tremendous amount of hysteria in the current
downturn which is why the rebound would come much faster than expected.  

5) But not only did we correctly anticipate that
the rebound in financial markets would come faster than most
experts (incl. Paul Krugman, and Joseph Stiglitz) believed, - no , we were also right to believe that:

it would be the strength of the emerging markets which would pull the world economy out of its dire straits, and

the US consumer would be more active in the recovery than most experts tended to believe in the beginning of

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