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Regulating Passion in the Age of Misunderstandings
A tongue-in-our-own-cheek service to provide legal clarity in the complicated matter of erotic interaction and
consensus building, first drafted on Jan 19, published on Jan. 22, 2018

    Sweden is moving closer to making changes to its rape laws that would require people to get explicit consent before sexual contact.The
    deputy prime minister, Isabella Lövin, said the recent #metoo anti-harassment campaign had “shown that there is a need” for the new
    legislation, which was expected to be approved on Thursday in parliament. Under current Swedish law someone can be prosecuted for rape
    only if it has been proved that they used threats or violence. Under the proposal, rape could be proved if the accuser hadn’t given their
    explicit verbal agreement or clearly demonstrate their desire to engage in sexual activity. The prime minister, Stefan Löfven, said his
    coalition had been preparing the “historic reform” since taking power in 2014. In Sweden, the prosecution must present evidence to the court
    proving beyond reasonable doubt that the accused has committed the crime. Following the changes to the law, the prosecution will have to
    present evidence demonstrating that the sexual act was not consensual.
    The Guardian: Sweden plans change in law to require explicit consent before sexual contact, Dec 21, 2017

Recent events in Hollywood and elsewhere have confirmed that there is serious confusion in contemporary
society about
the question of decency in carnal relations. The Swedish government is gracefully reacting to this
widespread puzzlement by going the extra mile to codify the circumstances which differentiate lawful sexual
interactions from those that aren’t. As avid viewers of the US TV series “Law and Order” we know however that
it is hard to litigate a case if its evidence is entirely based on the “he said/she said” conundrum. We have
therefore decided to provide you with a tool that will not only come in handy in case your sexual behavior
should be addressed in court but it will also protect you from all kinds of misunderstandings, misconceptions,
misinterpretations and uncertainties pertaining to what you and your partner consider to be appropriate
conduct in your mutual sexual encounters. Most importantly though the negotiation of the specifics of this
document will help you to paper over any awkward silence that may occur on your first date once your
conversational powder has run dry. (This typically occurs when the desire to check your latest text messages
becomes seemingly irresistible.) Here is hence a draft for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed
in duplicate and exchanged by prospective playmates on your first date/encounter. Feel free to copy and paste
subject draft for your own use, purpose and convenience.

Memorandum of Understanding for Prospective Romantic Partners

Ever since the works of D.H. Lawrence, Sigmund Freud and Pat Benatar we, the signatories of this
document, are painfully aware of the fact that the synchronization of needs and desires between human
beings is severely hampered by the unfathomable depth of each individual’s emotional, intellectual and
Hinterwelt. A very delicate rapprochement in the field of carnal relationship is hence more
than warranted. We …. (Names, Dates of Birth) … domiciled in …. (Addresses) … have therefore decided
to formally communicate to each other our general interest to entertain a physical relationship with each
other.  Obviously we recognize the fact that any accord in erotic matters is highly dependent on the quality
of charm and appeal exerted by participants in different, individual settings. The signatories of this
document therefore agree that no blanket permission can be granted to each other in the field of sensual
interaction. The signing of this MOU does consequently not imply an obligation for any of the signatories to
enter into sexual interaction with his or her cosigner at all or at any given time. It merely fixes a favorable
disposition to perhaps do so at a later date. Any actual sensual interaction will therefore require additional
approval by both signatories on an individual basis. This specific and individualized consent however will
no longer have to be communicated in writing. It may instead transmit itself verbally or by way of willful
collaboration in a behavioral move by one of the cosignatories that could and should be construed to imply
a desire for further intimacy in the immediate aftermath of subject initiative.

To avoid painful misunderstandings now and at a later date the signing parties would, however, like to
specify the scope of sexual practices that they in principle consider to be applicable and acceptable to
their relationship at the time of the signing of this MOU. Absent further individual consent any sexual
initiatives undertaken by anyone of the cosigners of this MOU that falls outside the scope of the practices
specified below will have to be viewed as a hostile and harassing act. Such transgression by an individual
member of the signatory parties may expose the latter to the possibility of legal action, loss of social
reputation and professional stigmatization.  

Both signing parties concur that the following individual sensual practices (see page 2) are to be viewed as
potentially applicable to their relationship. (Please tick appropriate box and feel free to add to the list as
you see fit)

                                                                      - Page 1 of 3 -:
- Page 2 of 3 -
Nature of Activity by one or two of the Co-signatories
Not accepted
Salutary embrace and kisses on the cheek
Kisses on the mouth with or without the use of the tongue
Sexually explicit talk inside a private setting
Sexually explicit talk outside a private setting
Touching of each other’s limbs
Presenting sex toys as a gift
Use of sex toys during carnal interaction
Appearing in front of each other naked or in a bathrobe without
prior warning (the DSK clause)
Exposing private parts without prior warning
Consuming pornographic products together
Touching of erogenous parts of the body, including the famous  
“Pulp Fiction” foot massage  
Touching of intimate parts to provide orgiastic satisfaction
                                                                         - Page 3 of 3 -

By including and providing copies of IDs and birth certificates, all signing parties verify that they have
reached the minimum legal age to entertain physical liaisons with members of the same or the opposite
sex. They also attest and provide medical evidence (voluntary) to the fact that none of the signatories of
this document was under the influence of drugs, alcohol and tobacco when signing this agreement.
Instead they affirm to validate this document on their own free will and in possession of the integrity of their
intellectual powers.

This MOU will be up for revision one year from now and it will expire on …. (Date)… if not formalized
otherwise by the signatories. Parts of this MOU or its entirety can be rescinded from at any time in writing
by any of the signatories without prior notice.

Both parties are aware that some of the aforementioned activities agreed upon may be in violation of local
laws in different states that they happen to find themselves in throughout their globalized existence. Both
parties hence agree to check the local codes before engaging into subject activities when away from
home. As a matter of principle, however, Swedish law will be applicable in case disagreements should arise
in the context of the implementation of this MOU.   

……………………..                                             ……………………….
(Place and Date)                                                (Signature/ Party I)        

                                                                       (Signature/ Party II)
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