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An embarrassment for whom?
Dialog with the Alter Ego on the collapse of the Strauss Kahn case, first drafted on July 2,
published on July 3, 2011

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): Obviously, we cannot continue
our debate about the alleged
superiority of the American legal system without addressing the stunning change of events that have marked the
Strauss-Kahn rape case. After all, the question that undoubtedly follows from DSK’s surprise release from house
arrest is this: Doesn’t Noah denkt™ think that the near collapse of the prosecution’s case against Mr. Strauss-
Kahn is a terrible embarrassment for the American justice system?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Well, it’s an embarrassment, first of all, for the alleged victim in this case and then
it’s also an embarrassment for our society at large.

AE: So you think the prosecution is off the hook here? You do not believe that the rapid indictment of Mr. Strauss-
Kahn smacks of a rush to judgment? And you do not see it as an unforgivable mistake on the part of the
to “perp-walk” DSK in front of the entire world?
Nd. Well, the perp walk practice isn’t beyond questions and doubts. But we have talked about this before. So we
do not think that we need to repeat ourselves here.

AE: But what about the hastened management of the case? Shouldn’t the “victim’s” credibility have been checked
in a more through manner right from the start?
Nd: Well, the thorough background checks take time. And given the fact DSK was already aboard a plane to
Europe when being arrested there surely was a need to act precipitously once the allegations were brought to the
attention of law enforcement officials.

AE: So, in your mind, the prosecution has nothing to apologize for in this case?
Nd:  What, other than perhaps the perp walk, should they apologize for? Should they have not
pursued the accusations that the victim made at the time, just because Mr Strauss Kahn happens to be a
celebrity? Should they have not answered the questions that the international media was presenting them with?
Or should they have treated Mr. Strauss-Kahn in a different way than they tend to treat other suspects in criminal

AE: Well, they should have been aware of the fact that there have been prior cases where people have tried to
take undue advantage of other people’s celebrity. So they should have been more discreet in the handling of this
particular matter.
Nd. You simply have to accept that our world is anything but discreet anymore. And perhaps rightly so given that
transparency is a necessary ingredient for democracies and markets to function well. So quit being overly critical
here and give the prosecution credit for the fact that they have never stopped investigating the accusations in
this case. After all, it was the government itself that eventually uncovered and acknowledged the credibility issues
that surrounded the alleged victim herself. It, therefore, seems to us as if the prosecution in this matter has done
what it is supposed to do. And we should be grateful for that.

AE: In your twisted mind then, this episode speaks more to the strength of the American system than to its
Nd: It speaks primarily to the warped and estranged way in which modern human beings function. Obviously and
deplorably so, there is not a lot of love lost between individuals nowadays, is there?

AE: That, however, is the consequence of the Darwinist and heavily commercialized capitalism that you so
heatedly defend on this site!
Nd: Well, in our view, we try to soothe this capitalism rather than encourage it to be more reckless.

AE. What you have said about
pension reform and the need for austerity budgets doesn’t sound terribly peaceful
to us though.
Nd: That may be true. But it’s equally true that we continue to work towards reason and understanding rather than
brushing aside other people’s views and interests. Are we doing such a bad job at this?

AE: That’s not for us to decide. We are just here to make it uncomfortable for you. So please leave us out of the
equation here.
Nd: In other words, you yourself do not want to take a stance on this while, at the same time, you have no qualms
to accuse us of showing a lack of compassion towards others? How does that add up?

AE: Well, you know very well why we do what we do here. So stop taking shots at us. They only serve to
from your own narcissistic deficiencies anyhow.
Nd: Okay, let’s rest our case then.
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