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Noah denkt™’s capacity utilization is at an all-time low
Observation on the reduced output of this project, first drafted on July 20, published on July 21, 2017

    "… sitzen ist besser als stehen, u. liegen ist besser als sitzen: Besser als liegen ist schlafen, und besser
    als schlafen ist todt seyn."
    Arthur Schopenhauer, Frankfurt a.M., 08.04. 1858;  see translation below*

Again and again we must confess these days that our postings on this page become less and less frequent.
Clearly this is an issue that needs to be addressed in detail and in all honesty. So what’s going on here?

Well, the sad truth is that our mastermind has dug himself into a serious creativity hole. Or, otherwise put, the
Schopenhauer and Musil** world view according to which any aspiration, ambition, desire or externalization has
the grain of its own ambivalence, contradiction, and bad Karma already built into itself, has plainly caught up
with him. He, hence, can’t help at this time but feel that it is futile and counterproductive to say or do anything,
since however well intended and well-crafted your action may be, it eventually will come back to haunt you.  
Most importantly though, he even shies away from hoping that there will be pockets of understanding and
congeniality available to him out there since in his mind the latter will inevitably turn into a new drag of
disillusion and despair eventually.

Now, he may well be right about the basic dynamic of success and the ensuing curse of it. But naturally we
have told him that an albeit brief spout of recognition and understanding is still worth the experience even if
that experience should fall apart at a later date. After all, such is life. Because what else can you do in your
pre-death existence than to live like a bee, i.e. to fly from flower to flower and leave any new source of spiritual
nutrition behind the minute it has given you what you expected to get from it in the first place?

Our mastermind, however, insists that such selfish exploitation of others cannot possibly be the basis of
civilized interaction. And so he continuous to drift along,through the news and wake time cycles. Clearly, he is
in a very Germanic - if not to say- Teutonic bind at this time. As you know German philosophy is overly keen to
get to the essence of things. In that it is simply unable to satisfy itself with some middle range reasoning
(Robert K. Merton, 1962) the sort of which comes so naturally and pleasantly to English, Spanish or even
French language cultures. Thomas Mann has famously elaborated this specific element of the German mind in
his ground-breaking and monumental novel “Doktor Faustus”.  So there is no need for us to get into this further
and to repeat what cannot be said any better anyway.

Our mastermind, of course, is aware of the “essence-of-being” trap which German philosophy and language
imposes on German scholars and thinkers. So, it was probably one of his biggest mistakes recently to go back
and immerse himself into German literature again. But then again, what can you do in times of
Brexit and
America first” but to feel pushed back onto your own original self?

So, here we are then in a state of low utilization of or capacity. It’s a shame and it is a little sad as well. We find
hope though in the fact that our mastermind continues to communicate the few things he says in public in a
language that isn’t his mother tongue. So there is still an ambition for change and transposition in him which
suggests that he hasn’t reached his saintly, desire-free Nirvana yet. Thank God for that!!!


Footnote*: “To sit is better that to stand, and to lie is better than to sit: It is better to sleep than to lie, and it’s better to dead than to
This quote is attributed to Arthur Schopenahuer not the least by by Lutker Lütkehaus:
Das Sein ist nicht das Gute, in: Die Zeit, 26.
August 2010

Footnote**: Robert Musil, Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (The man without qualities) , 1930/1933 Berlin, Germany
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