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The Marketing of Humility
Dialog with the Alter Ego on advertising yourself, first drafted on November 29,
published on December 2, 2011

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): Why is it so important to you that the quality of your work should
stand on its own
(see our book (in German): Businessplan: Existenzphilosoph)? In other words why do you shy away from
peddling your achievements to others?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Because we have a hard time to loudmouth our work to others. Or to put it
differently we prefer that people discover what we do on their own terms rather than forcing it down their throat.

AE: But why be so self-depreciating when trying to survive? Is it that Noah denkt™ has the mentality of an only
child which never had to learn how to fight for its legitimate interests?
Nd: If “fighting” signifies “using your elbows and being pushy” than you are probably right.
We like to think
however that fighting can also relate to the simple staying power, the unflinching perseverance and, yes, the
humble patience with which you pursue your goals.

AE: That is however a very self-abusive way to “fight” for one’s interests, isn’t it?
Nd: But isn’t it more self-abusive to subject yourself to all kind of arrogant and demeaning reactions when trying to
sell your service to others?  And doesn’t it come close to prostituting yourself when you try to sweet-talk strangers
for commercial purposes?

AE: This is a question of attitude. If you can emotionally insulate yourself from the negative responses you get
and if you accept that faked charm is part of the professional way of doing business then the active marketing of
yourself doesn’t have any self-abusive side effects at all.
Nd: In other words, you just have to adopt a predatory view of things in order to live happily ever after?

AE: Well, if you want to call it “predatory” you may well do this. We’d much rather call this a realistic and confident
view of things.
Nd: So “confidence” to you means, not really caring what other people might think or feel?

AE: It means not caring too much about other people’s twists and turns. You however obsess yourself so much
with other people’s possible “feelings” that you end up denying yourself your own legitimate rights and aspirations.
Nd: But how do you intend to be a good analyst and forecaster if you are somewhat cavalier about what other
people might think?

AE: Well, to start with we try to base our analysis on the way the world is and not what we would like it to be.
Nd: Nevertheless you have to admit that
our own wishful thinking has generated some pretty respectable
forecasting results in the past, hasn’t it? And while we were producing these not-to-be neglected successes you
had nothing better to do than whine and howl at every step of the way. So would you call this an effective and
realistic way of doing business?

AE: Okay, you may have had some successes in the past. But presently the market is running altogether against
you. So our advice to you is not to be overly confident as far as your speculation skills are concerned.
Nd: In other words, you want us to be even more humble than we actually are?

AE: No, we want you to come around and finally face up to reality.
Nd: And does that imply that we should give up this project altogether?

AE: Well, it certainly implies that you should be less inhibited when advertising yourself to others
Nd: Sorry, we can’t do that.
We’d simply be too much in denial about the way we are if we were to accept your
advice on this.

AE: So, go on then with your miserable business of fading away in hell...
Nd:  Alright, we’ll meet you later then in your own personal hell…
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