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Honoring Luis Flavio Cappio
Observation, first drafted on Dec. 13, published on Dec. 20, 2007

Unfortunately Noah denkt™ is somewhat impaired in determining whether the Brazilian government or Bishop Luis
Flavio Cappio have the more reasonable stance as to what do to with the waters of the San Francisco river. And
certainly we have no way in assessing how balanced and sanguine the personality of Bishop Cappio is. If we still
have decided though to admit him into our Hall of Fame, it is, first of all, because we admire the
consequentialness of his fight. But beyond that, we also welcome the utmost dedication that he is showing in the
exercise of his office, and last, but not least, we also praise him for having reintroduced the idea of a self-imposed
martyrdom into the realm of the Catholic Church.

Now obviously any one of the reasons given above would have sufficed to justify his induction into our gallery of
heroes. The fact however that he can claim to have provided us with all three of the aforementioned credentials,
makes it imperative for us to grant him the highest honors that this website has on offer.
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