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The Cool, the Calm and the Exasperated
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on controversy management, first drafted on Nov. 25, published on Nov. 26, 2013

    “By the time you raise your voice, you've lost your composure, and your credibility. Shouting at someone
    doesn't make you right, it makes you an aggressive jerk.
    Once you lose your cool, your ability to think logically is severely hindered. Also, you're not going to win
    anyone over by shouting. It just makes people uncomfortable, or makes them shout too (and it's all
    downhill from there.)”
    Standard Wisdom by Eloquius on “Yahoo Answers”.

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): Does Noah denkt™ agree with the aforementioned observation
according to which it is inappropriate and counter-productive to raise your voice in case of a controversy?
Answer of Noah denkt™ (Nd): The truth is that we find it quite hard to always keep our temper. For instance:
How do you keep your cool in the face of outright stupidity? Improving your argument doesn’t help at all in this
case, does it? And how do you deal with a situation when an assuming authority doesn’t even want to discuss
its erroneous conclusions? Do you simply oblige and do as being told?

AE: Well, theoretically, you should emotionally disengage yourself from a disagreement that can’t be resolved
by the better argument.
Nd. That, however, entails that eventually you will have to pursue your happiness entirely on your own.
Because most disagreements can’t possibly be resolved by the better argument. Instead it tends to be the
outcome of the better speculation that ultimately decides whose views are wrong and whose are right.

AE: Nobody denies that most arguments are speculative in nature. But the objective of a reasonable
controversy is not to be right but to have the most convincing view on the subject matter. And any fair minded
human being should be able to accept the superior appearance of validity of a certain argument.
Nd: Look, this "superior appearance of validity" as you call it is entirely in the eye of the beholder. In other
words, you can only keep your cool if you are not dependent on anyone. Because that is the only way you can
move on and disengage yourself from any kind of stupidity that might come your way.

AE: Most people, however, cannot afford that amount of independence. Because most people need to keep
their jobs in order to pay for their expenses.
Nd: That is correct. And this also why your expectation of a collected temper that never looses its cool in reality
produces more faked sincerity rather than a real one.

AE: It is quite alright to fake your emotions a little bit. To the contrary, it would be cruelly inhumane to expect a
total and absolute sincerity in human relations.
Nd: Correct! The sad truth however is that we are no longer faking just a little bit. Instead
the business of faking
sincerity has become our way of life.
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