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A young man’s ambition
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on Mr. Renzi’s rise to the Italian Prime Ministry, drafted and
published on Feb. 19, 2014

    Pero tanto L'Osservatore Romano, el diario del Vaticano, como L'Avvenire, el periódico de la Conferencia
    Episcopal Italiana (CEI), han dejado constancia de que el joven Matteo les tiene preocupados. Primero fue
    L'Osservatore el que dejó constancia de que no le había gustado la manera en que Renzi liquidó sin anestesia a
    Enrico Letta, otro centroizquierdista de misa fija. “El Gobierno Renzi, si nace, lo hará con una especie de pecado
    original”, advirtió, ahí es nada, L'Osservatore, para rematar: “Durante su vida, tendrá que demostrar que sabe
    redimirse”. (…)  Por su parte, los obispos, menos diplomáticos, le recuerdan que ha obtenido el poder a través de
    “una fea y nada generosa continuidad con decepcionantes rituales políticos del pasado”.
    El País: Renzi busca ministros que gobiernen con “el cuchillo entre los dientes”, Feb. 17, 2014

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): On February 13, the young leader of Italy’s Democratic Party
(PD), Matteo Renzi (39), forced a party vote that effectively ended
Enrique Letta’s ten month’s reign as Italian
Prime Minister. To support his attack on Mr. Letta,  Mr. Renzi had argued that the need for radical change in
Italy was so urgent that the procrastination of Mr. Letta’s reform efforts could no longer be tolerated. While the
financial markets initially celebrated Mr. Renzi’s rise to the top job, others felt somewhat uneasy about the way
Mr. Renzi had done a way with Mr. Letta’s leadership. Where does Noah denkt™ stand on this issue?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): We share the sense of unease that some sectors of the PD seem to harbor
towards Mr. Renzi’s putsch against Mr. Letta. And we agree with the Catholic Bishops when they say that Mr.
Renzi’s undoing of Mr. Letta smacks more of past Italian power struggles than of radical change towards the

AE: But isn't it true
that even strong benevolent leaders need to have raw ambition to enact what history later-
on tends to view as a ground-breaking change to the better (see: Nelson Mandela)?
Nd: Of course. But the crude desire for power that is driving great leaders still needs to be managed
adequately. - Yes, one might even argue that it is the luminary’s ability to manage their raw quest for power
adequately that is turning them into shining examples of great leadership.

AE: And Matteo Renzi hasn't managed his crude ambition “adequately”?
Nd: Well, the sheer fact that there is so much unease about the way he has made his move to the top indicates
that something wasn't done in the best possible manner.

AE: Isn’t it correct then that Italy needs more fundamental change rapidly? And is it not true that Mr. Letta
wasn't doing enough to bring that major change about?
Nd: All these assertions are correct. But it is also true that Mr. Letta has some considerable successes to show
for. Not only is Italy’s growth slowing coming back. But most of all, it is due to Mr. Letta’s deft handling of
personal relationships that he managed to get Mr. Berlusconi sidelined, at least for the time being. One might
well consider this a historic achievement of Mr. Letta for which he deserves more credit than Mr. Renzi has
been willing to grant him.

AE: Nevertheless, these are turbulent times. And turbulent times require determined and decisive leadership.
Perhaps, it isn't all that bad that a young man is now coming to power who has demonstrated that he doesn't
take prisoners if circumstances require so.
Nd: We are open to a positive surprise. But in this case, we wouldn't be willing to bet on that.  
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