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Quo vadis France?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the disheartening power struggle in the UMP, drafted and published on Dec. 5,

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): What does Noah denkt™ make of the weird power struggle in
France’s centre right opposition party UMP? Do you think that this is just a case of two big egos colliding after the
top dog, i.e.
former President Sarkozy, has left?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): We are really not sure whether the big ego theory explains it all. It seems to us that
there is a bigger dilemma looming behind the Copé –Fillon battle.

AE: And what could that be?
Nd: Well, we fear that this unwanted power struggle is a symptom of a deeper, perhaps subconscious, despair
within the UMP which simply doesn’t know how to rally the French behind an, albeit necessary, free-market policy
stands. After all, it has become quite clear in the last Presidential election that
French voters in their majority
simply reject a non-protectionist approach which, at this point in time, makes it hard to see, how they will ever be
able to come around and embrace the reality as it is. In other words, it appears almost inevitable, at least for the
time being, that France’s extreme right will gain further weight in French politics which would seem to wreak havoc
not only to that countries competitiveness but also to the viability of
the Euro currency. All reasonable people, and
that obviously includes the UMP, are hence looking into an abyss of disastrous probabilities.

AE: This is an interesting theory which we haven’t heard from anyone else so far.
Nd: That doesn’t necessarily make it wrong though, does it?

AE: No, of course not. But it sure doesn’t enhance its veracity either.
Nd: Is that all you have to say to this?

AE: Look, we are just as much disheartened by this leadership struggle, as you are. But we do not see the need
to panic.
Nd: We are not panicking either. We are just trying to be rational about something we see unfolding before our

AE: That is not true. You are speculating about a subconscious angst that might be lingering in the UMP’s soul for
which there is no immediate evidence at all.
Nd: Don’t you think that Mr. Copé’s intention to gain voters by flirting with some far right positions isn’t indicative of
the despair we have been talking above?  Does it not seem to you as if this current power struggle has only come
about because of a premature void that has developed at the helm of the UMP? In other words, does it not
appear to you as if Mr. Sarkozy should never have lost the last presidential election and that he did so only
because he got caught up in a huge wave of national unreasonableness?

AE: Well, that is another wild argument you are making here. Do not forget that Mr. Sarkozy himself flirted with far
right positions during the campaign. And please do also not belittle the fact that it was Mr. Sarkozy’s extravagant
personality itself that brought about his eventual fall from grace and which, equally, impeded him from preparing
the ground for any possible successor after him.
Nd: Well, surely, there is some blame to be heaped on Mr. Sarkozy himself. But that doesn’t take away anything
from the fact that it was France’s denial of reality which swept him away from power. It is, therefore, quite natural
that his party would have lost, even in a subconscious way, its sense of direction.

AE: Well, hopefully, the UMP will get its act together for the next Presidential election in four years time. After all,
we do agree with you that this party is absolutely essential, not only to stop the further rise of the Front National,
but also to maintain the Euro currency intact.
Nd:  How wonderful that you would be with us on this!
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