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Please do not choose to live in a fantasy land!
Observation on the French presidential election, first drafted on April 12, published on April 13, 2012  

On April 22 and May 6, French voters, will have the chance to decide whether they want to live in a protective
fantasy land (
Hollande, Le Pen, Mélenchon, Joly) or whether they want to accept the fact that there is no hiding
from the hard-knuckled world we are actually living in. Hopefully, they will decide to do the right thing. After all, it is
really hard to see, how any nation can seriously expect to successfully reduce its exposure to this world when the
vast majority of this world’s citizens (including those in France) is otherwise living a highly interconnected lifestyle.
Just witness the fact that the majority of the world population aspires to possess the same global brands, watches
pretty much the same movies, the same sitcoms, tunes in to the same 24 hour news cycle and discusses all that
on the same Facebook and Twitter platform. – But still, some people think they can have it both ways, i.e. own 3G
cell phones and get a nose job while at same time reducing financial speculation and nationalizing local banks.
So, for all those who have a hard time to grow up we would like to explain the following:

This individualistic society of us can offer its respective free-yourself-opportunities only because it is built on the
concept of credit and credit worthiness. In other words, resources in this fully stocked marketplace get allocated
because those who do allocate them think and believe that investing into this clothing line or that nightclub project
will actually be a profitable investment. Since nobody knows for sure, however, whether a plan or a person is
trustworthy, a project feasible or a projection reliable, people have to rely on their best guesstimate, their best
interpretation and their best speculation when providing money to a lender. And to be able to give a lot of credit in
a pretty well reasoned manner you simply need to have a vast speculative environment in which investors can
feed off of each others’ observations to find some degree of comfort in their own judgments. If you, however, want
to limit the size of this speculative industry you also limit that sector’s ability to gain a solid confidence into its own
convictions. In other words, you will make investors more insecure and thereby limit the flow of money which is
being put to work in the “real economy”. And that in turn will make it less likely that the newer and faster
generation of cell phones will come sooner rather than later.***  (
see also footnote below)

So, those of you who are being asked to vote on April 22 and May 6, you will have to pick either one of the two
basic options detailed hereafter: Either you will want to have your exposure to this world softened and cushioned,
at least in the short and middle term, and you will have to cut back on some of your personal upgrade
possibilities, or all technological, social and cultural upgrades will be made available to you freely in that
marketplace with your protection against these changes being at a considerable minimum. Any other option
simply does not exist. And you shouldn’t believe in anyone who tries to tell you that it does.

Obviously, we here at Noah denkt™ harbor the conviction that
the only way to effectively deal with the
heartbreaking challenges that freedom imposes, is to embrace that freedom rather than to shy away from it.
Because that approach at least offers you the opportunity to digest that change in continuous and sliced-up
salami manner. All protective change management, however, will eventually expose you to such a dramatic
readjustment need that it will be a lot harder for you to come to grips with that than it would have been if you had
allowed that change to manifest itself in a steady piecemeal fashion. Because, ultimately, there is no way to stop
that progress from happening! After all, it is a simple truth of life that every human cell, every human being and
every human society constantly evolves into a new state of being. And to try to impede that process will not only
have cancerous effects on your health but also impair your society’s ability to prepare adequately for the future.
So we pray and implore you to do the right thing, first on April 22, and then on May 6.        

Footnote ***: Now some people will surely point out at this juncture that credit isn’t flowing as it is at this point, and that even the most
rampant of speculative industries hasn’t been able to shield us from the financial distortions that we’re living in right now. And the
truth surely is that even a vast speculative industry doesn’t offer any guarantee that huge mistakes and follies won’t be made. What it
offers however is the possibility to enter that folly in the most reflected and well studied manner. In that it contrasts considerably from
the chaotic disintegrations which other non-free societies tend to go through once their errors are exposed. Witness, for instance, the
chaos in Egypt and Libya after their respective long-term rulers were deposed!  And witness also the desperate consequences which
all of Europe had to suffer once the infamous German Nazi-folly came to its bitter end.
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