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Marcel Proust: The Poetry of Dozing, Waking and Awaking, and Life and Death

Marcel Proust’s “Recherche” is in essence about him processing and articulating the many visionary reviews of his life he experienced either during wake triggered lucid dreaming experiences or in more serious near-death, out-of-body-sleep situations, all of which he was prone to have due to his lifelong battle with extremely severe asthma. Continue reading

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The difficulty of being Captain Courageous in front of a narcissistic boss

Former FBI-Director Comey must have felt in his various meetings with POTUS 45 that this man in front of him doesn’t take a candid rejection of his wishes in a stride. That is why he opted for an appeasing response on the President’s inappropriate Flynn request rather than to courageously call the Commander-in-Chief to order. Continue reading

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Will the US under President Trump change the essence of its being?

Mr. Trump may be a great dealmaker but he certainly does not have the intellectual depth and analysis to understand the tectonic implications that come with undoing a cornerstone of US policy which has defined probably forever what the United States actually stands for. Continue reading

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How futile is the written word in the digital era?

Tweet Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the artistic challenge of contemporary writers “Well, I said to Gambetti in front of the Hotel Hassler, if we are totally honest, the state of general stupidity is already so advanced that there … Continue reading

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How to avoid cracking up in the digital society!

Tweet Observation on the challenges of excessive down time Man is an extremely complex creature: he usually acts in an unselfish manner for selfish reasons. Mokokoma Mokhonoana : The Selfish Genie: A Satirical Essay on Altruism (see: http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/48079399-the-selfish-genie-a-satirical-essay-on-altruism)   Some … Continue reading

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From Hollywood Boulevard to Molenbeek and beyond

Tweet A reflection on the horrendous terror attacks in Brussels On Saturday, March 19, it was Sean Baker’s highly insightful movie “Tangerine” (http://www.magpictures.com/tangerine/) that caught our attention.  “Tangerine” stands in the tradition of Alexandre Duma’s  “The Lady of the Camellias”, … Continue reading

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Is there a correlation between suicide rates and austerity in Euroland?

It is not austerity politics but the inadequacy of the Euro for the Greek economy that accounts for the present rise in suicide rates in Greece. Continue reading

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Turmoil in the currency markets after Switzerland’s decision to distance itself from the EURO

Would people in France and Italy who feel bad about their current situation feel less bad if they had their own local currency back? Continue reading

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Don’t forget: The Swiss business model is unique!

The Swiss anti-immigration vote is a slap in the face of all conventional economic wisdom. And still, the Swiss economy might somehow get away with the new measure without hampering its growth prospects too much. Continue reading

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Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine or Barbaric Expectations

Is it fair that free market philosophy expects you to reinvent yourself, if necessary as a supermarket cashier, if your former existence as state of the art socialite has become untenable? Continue reading

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