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A market-based concept to reform
financial markets
Strategic Statement, Jan. 2010

Keynes 1929 versus Keynes 2009
Redefining a venerable philosophy,
April 2010

Deuter können nix anderes, als
Über Spekulanten,  April 2010

Quality Control 2015
Noah denkt™’s forecasting accuracy in

Zur Verteidigung der Leerverkäufer
Juni, 2010

American Idol and the Hedge Fund
About Hail Mary-Investments, Feb. 2010

Abschaffung des EUROs oder
gemeinsame Wirtschaftsregierung
Mai, 2011

Wieviel Keynesianismus geht
Zur Lage des Kapitalismus, Jan. 2010

Dignified Suicide
On a British Government proposal,
Nov. 2010
Conscious Capitalism
How an Existentialist/Golden Rule inspired Capitalism differs from
“Conscious” and Inclusive Capitalism”
Dialogue with the Alter Ego, first drafted on Jan. 31, published on Feb. 1, 2013
Abstract: The main difference between our own brand of an Existentialist/Golden
Rule-inspired Capitalism and that of the other ethical free market movements is that
we do not believe in the need to proactively sell our philosophy. Instead we presume
that the wisdom of our approach is so superior, that it, sooner or later will impose
itself anyway.  ... (
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wisdom of Golden Rule
business ethics,
Golden Rule inspired
wisdom of
Golden Rule
and superior
philosophy of
capitalism, pacifying
Nord-EURO / Süd-EURO
Warum die Idee eines Nord- und Süd-EUROs falsch ist!
Stellungnahme zur Idee der EURO-Spaltung, erstellt und veröffentlicht am
Kernthese: Es ist illusorisch, zu glauben, dass Belgien, die Niederlande und selbst
Luxemburg bereit sein könnten, ihre Äquidistanz zu Frankreich und Deutschland
aufzugeben, und sich im Nord-EURO überproportional an Deutschland zu binden.
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Wirtschaftsliberale Kritik am ESM
Herr Prof. Sinn: Europa kann nur wurschteln!
Anmerkungen zur wirtschaftsliberalen Kritik am ESM-Rettungsschirm,  erstellt und
veröffentlicht am 13.09.2012
Kernthese: Angesichts der traumatischen Geschichte Europas ist es kaum
vorstellbar, dass eine wirklich freie Marktwirtschaft in Europa überhaupt
funktionieren kann. ... (
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Western insistence on preserving Ukraine's territorial integrity is
not doing anyone, not even Ukraine a favor
Comment in the aftermath of the downing of MH17, published on July 23, 2014
This project believes that Ukraine’s internal and external conflict has been
mishandled by the West right from the get-go. It was a mistake to insist on
preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity once the revolution had happened. Instead, it
would have been better to call for a referendum on national unity. ... (
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Terrorism / Anti-Social Behavior
The Federal Reserve’s rate hike dance
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the cautious Federal Reserve rate decision of
Sept. 17, first drafted on Sept. 23, published on Sept. 24, 2015
Abstract: In Silicon Valley and beyond it doesn't feel at all as if inflation were still
below 2%. To the contrary. It seems as if the Fed's  inflation target has long been left
behind.  The FMOC rate decision of Sept. 17, 2015 is therefore hard to understand.
.... (
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What an inglorious mess!
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on Russia’s intervention in Syria, drafted and published
on Oct. 1, 2015
Abstract: Being in an overwhelming mess is the sign of our times and that it isn’t just
in Syria where you can find a conundrum of mind-boggling proportions. It is therefore
a mistake to believe that a more forceful US approach in Syria would have avoided
chaos and effectively stabilized the situation there. .... (
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invitation. Offers to disseminate on this
platform client-driven PR messages
cloaked as analytical commentary
have been rejected in the past and will
be rejected in the future.
Social Consequences of the Digital Revolution
How to avoid cracking up in the digital society!
Observation on the challenges of excessive down time, first drafted on May 19,
published on May 20, 2016
Abstract: Some people with a lot of down time ask themselves what it is that they can
do to contribute to society. This is not an easy question to answer in the age of
mature individualism. The most important social contribution therefore is to avoid
cracking up .... (
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Die etablierte Politik hat (noch) keine Antwort auf den
Kommentar zu den Establishment-Reaktionen auf den Beinahe-FPÖ-Triumph in
Österreich, erster Entwurf erstellt am 24.05., veröffentlicht am 26.05.16
Kernthese: Das Herzschlagfinale der österreichischen Präsidentenwahl hat gezeigt,
wie schwer es mittlerweile geworden ist, den Rechtspopulismus zu stoppen. Dass
die etablierte Politik aber noch keine Antwortenauf dieses Phänomen gefunden hat,
liegt an einer falschen Diagnose ihrerseits. ... (
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Orlando, Magnanville, Birstal - Out of the box-thinking is required
to deal with the rising tide of lunacy and hate in our digital society
Observation a day after the killing of British MP Jo Cox, drafted and published on
June 17, 2016
Abstract: The murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox, the mass shooting in Orlando and
the killing of Jean-Baptiste Savaing in Magnanville evidence the rising tide of highly
aggressive pathological behavior in our Western societies. Yet governments are
hard pressed to find adequate answers to quell that phenomenon.  .... (
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The new UK Brexit cabinet looks good, - but for the sake of the
world one can only hope it will fail
Observation on Theresa May’s new UK government, published on July 14, 2016
Abstract: After the Brexit earthquake, Britain is trying to find a new normal in its
domestic and foreign policy.. The cabinet that Theresa May has chosen looks good
and intelligent. But for the sake of the world  one can only hope that she will fail ....
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The Trump Presidency and Free Trade
The Plight of post-modern Writers
How futile is the written word in the digital era?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the artistic challenge for writers in the digital age, first
drafted on Sept. 29, published on Oct 1, 2016
Abstract: What sense does it make for a writer/philosopher to add his voice to a
market place that is already overwhelmed by an information, entertainment and
analysis overkill as it is? And how can he demonstrate the superior quality of his  
judgment when the written word has become obsolete?  ... (
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Will the US under President Trump change the essence of its
Comment on the post-election gloom that had befallen us, first drafted on Dec. 6,
published on Dec. 15, 2016
Abstract: It will be the historical free trade legacy of the US which will stop President
Trump from undermining let alone dismantling the WTO system and spirit. After all, it
was the United States of America itself which fathered the World Trade Organisation
rightly arguing that free trade will be instrumental to bring nations closer together,  
and thereby contribute to the spread of world peace.  ... (
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The Future of Democracy
The Free Trade versus Social Protection Conundrum can be
resolved peacefully, - but not by everybody and certainly not by
Mr. Trump!
A look back and a look forward to 2017 and beyond, published on Jan. 4, 2017
Abstract: Open societies and free trade policies are at a crossroads. Will they be
able to defend their legacy or succumb to fear? Noah denkt™  hopes for the best ...
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